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Since I've converted my file to a report style, I've managed to work through many of the typesetting problems which I was encountering with the thesis style. The final piece which is seeming to be impervious to changes is the list of figures page. I've tried various packages, and placed commands in the preamble and TEX boxes, but nothing seems to affect the formatting of the list of figures. I've attached a .pdf which shows how the page is currently displaying. What I need is to center the List of Figures at the top of the page in bold normalsize, then generate the list. Any caption over one line can be single spaced, and then a double space between the captions. I can't seem to find much out there concerning the typesetting of the lof page. To generate the lof I use the \listoffigures command in an encapsulated TEX block. Any help or ideas on where to look for additional typesetting detail? Thanks.

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The formatting for "List of

The formatting for "List of Figures" matches the rest of the document (presumably) in that it is an unnumbered chapter.  It would be inconsistent for LOF to have the title centered but the heading for TOC, LOT, and chapters to be left justified.  If it's only the LOF with the left justified heading and the other headings are centered, then something odd is going on and the .tex file is needed to try to diagnose the issue.

Formatting for the body of the LOF is also controlled by the typesetting specification, which can't be determined from the posted PDF file.  The underlying typesetting specification either needs to be modified, or a package like tocloft would need to be used to change the typeset appearance.

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Here is the .tex file. The

Here is the .tex file. The TOC title is what I'm looking for, but this one is crunched by changing the name of the TOC to {}, and then just using a simple text string. The same was done with the list of symbols, but that page was manually entered, so no big deal there. I've purposely moved the Chapter #, and chapter titles to the center here, just to show the effect, or lack thereof. I've used the titlesec package for this formatting. I've attached the Bibtex file so the bibliography can be (hopefully) compiled and shown. It does what I want it to do with only minor modifications to the commands that were used for the other chapters.

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As I needed to perform other

As I needed to perform other typesetting changes on the LOF, I did more investigation into the toclof package. I learned that this package will modify the titles in the TOC and LOF (thanks George), so I experimented with it. The following commands can be used to modify the spacing before and after the LOF title (also TOC with a slight modification to the commands) in a cleaner programming manner than the titlsec package. The default issue noted in earlier posts needs to be changed back to NO for this to work. My format required single spacing for the entries, and a double space between each entry, so I have included it below as well. These comments were placed in an encapsulated TEX box just in front of the LOF. Hopefully this helps someone in the future.


Looks like this is caused by

Looks like this is caused by the tocloft package.  There is an option to the tocloft package to use the default LaTeX formatting.  Select Typeset, Options and Packages, the Package Options tab, select the tocloft package, choose the Modify button, and then from the "Devault LaTeX titles" category select "Yes".  This should allow the changes you made to be reflected for the front matter title pages.

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George, your a genius! That

George, your a genius! That worked. It's funny, because I remember looking at that item and thinking, "Of course I don't want to use the defaults. I want something custom." Go figure. Thanks for spending the time on this. One more item checked off the list.