Change page number format of BIBTEX biography

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Here's one that has me stumped. I'm using a thesis shell with a BIBTEX biography. My school format needs to have the page number centered at the top of the page, but it's centered at the bottom. I've managed to fix all the other first chapter pages, and all the main pages using directions in the shell, but this one eludes me. I'm using apalike.sty and have had no succes with apalike-Plus.sty. I've looked through the options of the packages, and can't find anything there which has any effect on this one page. The number itself is correct, just in the wrong place.

I don't see anything in

I don't see anything in apalike.sty that changes the page headers/footers.  It must be changed by the underlying typesetting specification.  You can try adding a TeX field before the BibTeX field that contains "\pagestyle{plain}" (without the quotes), but this is just a guess since the underlying typesetting specification isn't known.  If you continue to have difficulties, post a sample document that demonstrates the problem you are seeing.

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Unfortunately the

Unfortunately the bibliography first page number is being stubborn. I've attached some files for the paper which will hopefully lend some insight. The .pdf is the output which shows the abridged paper with various chapters/sections. All the page numbers/type/location are correct, except the first page of the bibliography. It "just" needs to be centered at the top of the page. Thanks for looking at them.