How to create a new frame on scientificworkplace (5.5) and to end a frame also for my slides?

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If you mean to create frames

If you mean to create frames when using the Beamer typesetting specification, then there are fragments available.  Use the Fragments pop up (Alt+4 is the keyboard shortcut) and find Beamer (Directory) and below that there are three fragments that have the beginning and ending frame encapsulated TeX fields (Frame, Frame with title, and Frame with title and subtitle).  There are also fragments for only the begin frame and end frame encapsulated TeX fields.

You can also just copy/paste from an existing frame to create a new one.

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I found the SWP beamer shell

I found the SWP beamer shell helpful when I first began using the class. In SWP navigate to File > New, which opens the New dialog. Then click Other Documents in the Shell Directories window and Slides-Beamer in the Shell Files window. After the shell opens in the SWP editor, you can click anywhere in a text entry to determine its type. For example, Click on "Creating Beamer presentations in Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word" at the beginning of the document, and notice that this text is a Section by examining the Section/Body Tag window. Likewise, the text "Slides - Beamer" is a Frame title as indicated in the Text Title window. I assume your copy of this shell is the same as mine. I hope this helps. You can save this file using Save As... and format it to see the commands typeset. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply!

Thank you for your reply!