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I have some little problems writting my dissertation in SWP 5.5. Please give me some information, hints, links, anything is welcomed.
1. I need to write 3 pages before the TOC, TOF and TOT. I didn't manage to do this from the front matter so I've decided to skip it. Please tell me how to add TOF and TOT in this case ( I've managed to add TOC usign \TeXButton{Table of Contents}{\tableofcontents}).
2. Please tell me how add captions to tables
3. Figures in subsections have the captions: Figure 2.2.10 where 2.2 is the subsection and 10 the number in that subsection. I want the figure number to contain only the chapter number and the figure number (Figure 2.50). How can I for the numbering system to go only 1 level.
4. How can I suppress the chapter label and number from the Annex? (currently I have 'Chapter 8 Annex' instead of just 'Annex'
Thank you very much!

1.  Use \listoffigures and

1.  Use \listoffigures and \listoftables in encapsulated TeX fields for the LOF and LOT.

2. Use the Table - (4x3, floating) fragment where the caption TeX field is replaced with the caption text.  If you use math or other special characters as part of the caption text, follow the information at Using mathematics in a caption or other TeX field.

3. This is set by the typesetting specification.  Adding "\renewcommand{\thefigure}{\arabic{chapter}.\arabic{figure}}" to the document preamble (without the quotes) may work.  Typically figures and tables are numbered similarly, so redefining \thetable may also be needed.  A sample document showing this may be needed if this doesn't work.

4. Did you add the appendix fragment?  Typically any chapters after the appendix fragment are numbered as appendices rather than chapters.

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George, Thank you very much


Thank you very much for your response! I got it working. Cheers!

Use Help, Search with the

Use Help, Search with the index entry "floating objects" and then find the topic "tables that float".  This describes using a floating table and the fragment.  You can use the links in the help system if you need further information about fragments.