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Hi George:

My colleague uses TEXworks with the breqn.sty package to implement dmath. The Latex files he sends me, that contain equations, will not compile using SWP 5.50 Build 2960. The SWP error message states that the breqn.sty file is missing. Please recommend the best approach so that I can compile his Latex files in SWP.

Doug Cline


Visit which is the CTAN catalog page for this package.  You then have the option of following the Sources link /macros/latex/contrib/mh, download breqn.dtx, run LaTeX on this file which will extract breqn.sty, then move breqn.sty to some location below TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX.

The other option is to download the TDS archive file, and from inside the archive copy the file tex\latex\mh\breqn.sty to some location below TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX.