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hi i have written my abstract in SWP 5.5 but i want to look its preview, software dnt compile DVI file,,what kind of mistake will be done from me...

Can't even guess. Are you

Can't even guess.

Are you getting compile errors?  You have to tell us something, or post the document.

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i post my file,,there is

i post my file,,there is error in abstract command and i cnt solve it..i am writing my thesis in MIT style

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You have an (empty) abstract

You have an (empty) abstract in the front matter and you included one in the body of your document. (Do not put an abstract in the body.) You should create a new document in SW(P) and use the MIT thesis shell. Save this shell as a document. Open the front matter dialog and replace the entries with yours. Some friendly suggestions: You should read the manual for creating documents in SW(P). (This is a free download on the MacKichan site.) You will save a great deal of time and frustration if you use the capabilities of SW(P). Normally, you should avoid posting a complete file to address a particular problem. It is better to post a minimal working example. An MWE is a minimal file which demonstrates a single problem you are having.