How to write acknowledgement

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hi i want to know how to write acknowledgement in SWP 5.5, i write it by choosing acknowledgement from the typeset toolbar but the software considered it as a theorem,,how can i solve this problem plz help me

Acknowledgement from the Item

Acknowledgement from the Item Tag pop-up is almost always a theorem-like environment.  There are a few shells that add a special acknoledgement method, but so few that I can't name them.

Generally, you will have to create the acknowledgement portion of the document yourself.  If you want it to look like a section heading, just add an unnumbered section heading using the section title text "Acknowledgements".  If you want something else, then you will have to describe where in the document you want it to appear, what it should look like, and the type of document you are working with (that is, name to document shell you used to start with).