Error comes out when I make pdf preview

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I am a new user. When I convert a latex file to pdf using Scientific Word, an error comes out.
The error message is as follows.
Characters in the file name or directory are invalid on some TEX systems. Enter alpha-numeric characters,
hyphens and period only. No more than one period in sequence is allowed in the name of a file or directory.

Please let me know how I can fix it. Thank you very much.

The warning dialog appears if

The warning dialog appears if you use a character in a file name or directory that is invalid for some TeX systems.

To avoid the error, name your files, and the complete directory path, using only alphanumeric characters (a to z and 0 to 9).  Most common causes for the warning dialog to apper are using an underscore in a file or directory name, or having a space in the directory name.  The space was more common when "My Documents" was part of the directory path.