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Hi!I have this problem(see the attachment).
Anyone can help me?
I want to write the equation in one line (no break and no over the right margin) even if it is very long.


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Just before your display,

Just before your display, make sure you are in text (rather than math) mode and choose Insert, Typeset Object, TeX field. Click Encapsulated and add


as the TeX command. After the display, insert another encapsulatd TeX field which reads


Note that if \scriptsize produces a font size that does not meet your needs, then you can instead use one of the other sizing commands:




See the attached document as an example. 

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Thank you so much! But in

Thank you so much!
But in some cases the equations overlaps the numbering equation....

If the equation is still too

If the equation is still too wide even if using \tiny (the smallest font sizing command available), then you will need to consider using a multi-line display and breaking the equation into two or more lines.