Problems with including graphics in swp beamer class

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I have copied some graphics (wmf) in an SWP document, beamer class. The figures look fine before compiling but creating a pdf provides problems. Some, not all, figures may not appear in the pdf document and SWP says it cannot find the figure anymore even though they are still in the same folder.

This problem appears only with the beamer class - not in standard documents, say article or book.

any suggestions what I make wrong? Shouldn't I use wmf files in the beamer class? thanks!

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In this situation, the cause

In this situation, the cause of the problem is often that there is a space in the name of the graphic or in the path to the graphic.

Would this apply in your situation?


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Unfortunately, there are no

Unfortunately, there are no empty spaces in the name of the graphic or in the path.

The following message pops up when I convert the SWP document in a pdf document.

- Fehler beim exportieren von Graphikdatei D:\swp55\temp\graphics\L9016Q00__2.pdf; keine gültige Bildquelle gefunden. Here the English translation: 
- Error when exporting graphic file D:\swp55\temp\graphics\L9016Q00__2.pdf; no valid source found.

There may be a problem with my settings but it seems odd that the problem occurs only with some figures while everything works fine with others.

Below is the code of two figures that I included in the SWP document. Both wmf files are in the same folder as the SWP document.  The first graphic is shown as an empty box in the SWP document while there is no problem with the second. I have included both figures by copy-and-paste. Immediately after pasting the two figures, everything works fine. But after closing the document and re-opining or after adding text or other figures to the document, the first graphic provides problems.

"Scientific Word";type "GRAPHIC";maintain-aspect-ratio TRUE;display
"USEDEF";valid_file "T";width 3.3605in;height 2.4162in;depth
0pt;original-width 13.8876in;original-height 9.9505in;cropleft "0";croptop
"1";cropright "1";cropbottom "0";tempfilename
'L9016Q00.wmf';tempfile-properties "XPR";}}

"Scientific Word";type "GRAPHIC";maintain-aspect-ratio TRUE;display
"USEDEF";valid_file "T";width 3.2548in;height 2.1935in;depth
0pt;original-width 8.0672in;original-height 5.4133in;cropleft "0";croptop
"1";cropright "1";cropbottom "0";tempfilename
'L901OQ0A.wmf';tempfile-properties "XPR";}}

Most likely the conversion of

Most likely the conversion of the graphics for inclusing into the PDF file is failing for some reason.  How were the original graphics created?  It may help to open the graphics in a graphics editing program and then save from that program before using the graphics with SW.  We've seen cases where this changes the graphics enough internally so the conversion then works properly.

If you continue to have difficulty, you can follow the original advise (post a sample document as a .rap file so the problem graphics are included).

I received the .rap file

I received the .rap file directly since it was too big to post to the forum.

I was able to compile and create a PDF file with the graphics (attached).

The file you sent indicates that you are using Build 2890.  There was an update to the PDF graphics conversion filters since that build.  Update to the current Build 2960 and see if you get better results.

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Build 2960 did not solve the

Build 2960 did not solve the problem but the suggestion made before did: opening the figure in a graphics editing program and saving them from that program. I used CorelDraw.


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Pease post a mimimal working

Pease post a mimimal working example (one frame with one graphic) *.rap file.