How do I add one page after Title but before TOC

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Dear Helpers,

I have the following two questions on Title page:

1. I would like to add a couple of items on the title page, how could I do this?

2. I would like to have a page "To My Parents" after title page, but before "TOC". How could i do this?

Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. This will depend on the

1. This will depend on the typesetting specification being used.  You might be able to add to an existing front matter element (like the date field).  Modifying the typesetting specification to add elements is generally non-trivial and not productive if doing this for only one document.  Instead, you can investigate doing your own title page using the titlepage environment.  See for details and a link to a sample document.

2. You would have to delete the Make TOC paragraph from the font matter, add the dedication page to the body of the document, then add an encapsulated TeX field containging "\tableofcontents" at the point where you want the TOC to appear.  If the TeX field is not encapsulated, then SW will move \tableofcontents back to the front matter the next time the document is opened.  Adding appropriate page breaks may also be necessary.


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Thank you very much George!

Thank you very much George!

It is too risky to edit style and I figure out another way to add dedication.