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Hi, quite new to this programme, would appreciate help for my thesis.

I have a lot of figures in my document, if they are in the floating enviroment they move to bad places, if i display them its correct but they do not appear in the table of figures. I think one method is to force the float to stay at its position in the code as in:

\begin{figure}[H] \includegraphics[width=8 in]{Figure.pdf} \end{figure}   

but how to do you it for something like this:

\FRAME{ftbpFU}{3.749in}{2.9758in}{0pt}{\Qcb{{\protect\small gold

pattern 8/1988-6/2006 }}}{}{%

gold-intraday-20061027.bmp}{\special{language "Scientific Word";type

"GRAPHIC";maintain-aspect-ratio TRUE;display "USEDEF";valid_file "F";width

3.749in;height 2.9758in;depth 0pt;original-width 6.0416in;original-height

4.7919in;cropleft "0";croptop "1";cropright "1";cropbottom "0";filename 'NEW

DISSERTATION/Img/Final for scientific

workplace/gold-intraday-20061027.bmp';file-properties "XNPEU";}}


Thanks, Tom.

See Document 333 Using the

See Document 333 Using the float package with SWP/SW for information in using the float package with SW.  When saving with the SW/SWP/SN document type it should be sufficient to just have the float package present and change the placement option for the floating graphics to be here (only).

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Hi George, Thanks for the

Hi George,

Thanks for the help, I've tried that method but the figures still move about as they like. I need them to stay under the appropriate heading. Is there any other way to do this?



You can try using the

You can try using the placeins package (see