help me please

I have naive questions.
first,please How to jum a page to go at a new page?
second, how to create slides via sientificworkplace?
third, how to create footnote P.?

Thank you in advance!


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slide presentations: swp

slide presentations: swp supports Beamer, and it works very well. There's an example in swp's SWSamples folder, and you can use that as a template.

How to create a footnote: Insert -> Note. There's also a footnote icon on the Field toolbar (View -> Toolbars) and if that's visible you just put the cursor where the note is supposed to go and click the icon.

"How to jum a page to go at a new page?" what does "jum" mean?
If you want to start a new page at a point in your document, then Insert -> Spacing -> Break -> newpage (or maybe Pagebreak, you'll need to experiment; I'm not sure what the difference is).

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\pagebreak will start a new

\pagebreak will start a new page and the paragraphs of the old page will be spread out so that some typeset material extends to the bottom of the text area.
\newpage will start a new page and leave blank space at the bottom of the old page.