Use a .tex file that relies on a new document class--how?

I am trying to use the asaproc.cls file (available here  in case that's helpful) in order to format a paper. There is no style file, just a .cls file and a .tex document that uses the .cls file. Every time I try to open up the .tex file, I get a message that Scientific Word cannot find the file, even when I put the .cls file in the exact directory that is indicated (the Styles directory, in my case).

How do I "install" (if that's the right term) this new class file so that the .tex file it depends on will see it?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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Hello, I am still interested

Hello, I am still interested in an answer to the question regarding adding a new document class. I am  trying to use informs3.cls in order to compile for a jounral. I keep receiving the error message, Cannot find C:/sw55/Styles/informs3. In that Styles folder I have an informs3.sty and an informs3.cst. I do not understand why it will not work. Any ideas?


Thank you.

Thanks, George. Now

Thanks, George. Now everything works perfectly!

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Hello,   The latest version



The latest version of SWP comes with the asaproc.cls file. I did a quick comparison of the SWP file and the one you referenced; they appear to be the same.

Remove the asaproc file you downloaded. Download the template file and open it in SWP (or SW) using the "Import Non-SWP/SW LaTeX..." under the file menu. You will get a warning about the .cst file; click OK. (You will continue the get this message every time you open this file. You can correct this problem by clicking Style under the File menu and clicking OK when the dialog box opens.) The file should open in the SWP (SW) editor with the name template-tmp0.tex.

There are two additional issues and the file will not format without error because of these. The template file contains a figure, which is missing. If you have figures in your document, use the float [top] with caption below options in the Graphics properties dialog.

The second issue deals with tables. I suggest you try the following when you need a table. Use the Table-(4x3, floating) fragment and then set up your table. Your table should include one blank row. Move the caption field by placing it just after the B field. Place a tex field containing “[5pt]” at the beginning of the first cell of the second row.

I did this and the file complied except for an error message about the figure.


Hi, Tom. Thanks for the quick

Hi, Tom. Thanks for the quick reply.

I forgot to mention in my last post that I'm using Version 5.0, build 2606. I know this is an older version, but it is what I have to work with for now (I'm a student). Is there a way to get the asaproc.cls file to "install" into Version 5.0? I tried to find information on how to do this in the Help file and online, but I couldn't. Thanks again for your help.

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Try downloading the

Try downloading the asaproc.cls file to C:\swp55\TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\SWmisc\asaproc (you will need to create the asaproc folder). Everything else should work except you may not have the asaproc.cst file; the article.cst file should work. MackIchan may have a shell download for this that willk work on v5.0. Good luck!

Sorry to bother again, but

Sorry to bother again, but now that I have created the folder asaproc and saved the file to it, do I need to copy the article.cls file into that folder as well? Otherwise I am getting the same message.

I think I might have a free trial version of 5.5 lying around from a trip to a conference, so I might be able to use that if nothing else works. If I install it, would I have full functionality for 30 days? Would I be able to work with files created in 5.0? Would I have to uninstall 5.0 before using the free trial? 





You should be able to

You should be able to download and expand the files into your SW install directory.  When finished you should find the shell "Joint Statistical Meetings Article" in the Articles shell directory when using File, New. 

The files in the download (and now included in the current build of 5.5) were designed for Version 5.5, but they should work with Version 5.0.  The download includes the .cst file which is needed to avoid the message you are seeing when you open the test document you were working with.

See for instructions for adding a new typesetting specification for use with SW.  Step 5 addresses the .cst issue.

Thanks, George! Now

Thanks, George! Now everything works pefectly!

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Thanks, George. I could not

Thanks, George. I could not find the correct download. Do you agree with my suggestions about working with tables and figures.

By the way, when I opened the test file it do not use the correct cst file.


I'm not sure why you wouldn't

I'm not sure why you wouldn't be able to access the download I referenced.  You can try going to to browse the directory containing the self-extracting archive files for shells.

I don't see any problem with your discussion about the tables and graphics.